WordPress Portfolio:

Paeez Fine Foods

Paeezfinefoods is a restaurant, online GROCERY store, Preparation and Distribution of bread and cake. I developed this website as a developer of Mealsy

Hero Burgers

Hero is a natural burgers, real cheese and unique selection condiments producer . They are an established brand with 50 locations. I developed this website as a developer of Mealsy

Mr Vakil

Mr. Vakil’s legal foundation consists of basic lawyers of a judiciary with more than 15 years of professional and specialized advocacy experience in all legal matters.

Senso café

Senso Café & Bites provides a cozy place in Richmond Hill, Ontario for family and friends to come and break away from their ordinary and gather together with exceptional meals.

the Friendly Greek Yiannis

A restaurant with delicious Greek food located in Toronto, Canada.
Developed with WordPress and Elementor, as a freelancer at mealsy

Moein Faraji

Moein Faraji, a famous Iranian trainer! Hundreds of hours of educational video content aimed at increasing the knowledge of the audience
« as a freelancer for Sepehrit »


Cybermatic Solutions Inc. is established cyber security that designs, delivers, and sustains security strategy information for its client. I developed the website as a developer of Mealsy

Bermuda Panini

in Because all paninies that serve are amazing tasty triangles! A restaurant in Toronto, Canada.
Developed by WordPress and Divi theme & Redeveloped with Elementor


Articher is an online home skills training platform that provides you with the skills you need to complete a project (crafts). Developed with WordPress and Woocommrce

Aria Med Tour

AriaMedTour is the biggest medical tourism and healthcare service provider in Iran. I developed this website as a freelancer and it was one of the first websites I developed

Khaki Restaurant

Khaki Restaurant is a restaurant serving Mediterranean food, kebab, and Iranian food in Canada. I developed this website as a developer of Mealsy


Medical is an online website introducing doctors and hospital services all over Iran. I made this website as a developer of Kaman company with WordPress.

Airlines cofé

airlines cafe was created with the aim of creating a happy and pleasant environment in Toronto, Canada. Developed with WordPress as a freelancer at mealsy.

Pita Factory

Website of natural food restaurant and fast food alternatives. I developed this website with WordPress (Divi Theme and Builder) as a developer of Mealsy company

Rahyaft Audit

rahyaft audit is a reliable company in Iran that carries out accounting and banking projects at the international level – Developed with WordPress by Faridedghbali.com

Campy Baby

the Campy Baby site is a place for child raising, playing, language learning department, children’s health check and learning life skills. *as freelancer for Arex*

Shalom India

Shalom India Foods
Full Service for All Your Catering Needs
indian Foods
*as developer mealsy*

Frontend Portfolio:

Startup Landing Page (Tailwinds)

A landing page for a newly established startup that shows the goals and features well. This website is built with tailwind css and has a dark mode feature. cool and attractive..

Dashboard (Bootstrap)

A practical dashboard with cool, attractive and practical features. You can use this template for the user dashboard of your site members and personalize it with its infinite possibilities.

Portfolio Theme (Bootstrap)

A portfolio display website suitable for photographers, artists and programmers (built with Bootstrap). And it is suitable for displaying portfolios, contact information, downloads, etc.

Profile (Tailwinds)

A simple and stylish user profile. Built with Tailwindcss that simply renders the dark mode. It does not have many features and is only used to display user information.