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Wordpress Developer Frontend Developer UI-UX Designer

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On Site, Remote, Project

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WordPress Development

I have great knowledge and skills in WordPress in Website development – WordPress based, Fully optimized, and basic SEO

Frontend Development

I am fluent in JavaScript and I work with the React framework. I am interested in coding and solving project challenges.


My shared interest in art and technology led me to user interface design and user experience design. I love learning and solving UI-UX challenges

About Me:

I have the ability and interest to learn anything.
I have great knowledge and skills in WordPress site design and have worked with most of the public WordPress themes and plugins – I have mastered User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Design (UX) and SEO.

I learned all the necessary skills for the front end. But I want to get acquainted with the challenges of the labor market. As a front-end developer, I expect mentoring, consulting and providing an environment for progress.
What kind of team would I like to work in: a job is ideal where I can learn new things every day and face cool challenges. It is possible to grow and learn. if your company provides mentoring, training, advice, and support. I have a great desire to cooperate with you.
What makes a job attractive to me: 1- The possibility of remote work and flexible working hours 2- Job security (long term contract) 3- The possibility of training

Age: 22 Years

Location: Kurdistan, Iran

Work Experience: 4 Years

Languages: English (Intermediate) – Germany (Elementary) – Persian (Native) – Kurdish (Native)

Work Experience:

Senior WordPress Developer | Mid-Level Frontend Developer

Mealsy is an international company in Canada that provides websites, applications and specialized sales software for restaurants. I work remotely as a senior WordPress developer and middle-level Frontend developer. At the very beginning, I adapted myself to the team very quickly, I dedicated several hours daily to learning the necessary and practical skills. Among the skills that I gained during this time, I can mention time management. My high speed in web design, and the ideas I had for automation made the employer add several people to the sales team, and the total number of projects completed per month increased significantly.

Company: Mealsy

Location: Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Job Type: Full Time (Remote)

Company Size: 11-50 People

Time: Sep 2021 until Now

Senior WordPress Developer | Junior Frontend Developer

 Kaman Arvand is an international company based in Iran that provides website development services in all parts of the world. I worked as a senior WordPress developer and junior front-end developer in this collection. During this period, I experienced great growth and learning new skills became a pleasure for me. I adapted very quickly to the team and my creativity in doing projects was really useful for the team.

Company: Kaman

Location: Mashhad, Iran

Job Type: Full Time (Remote)

Company Size: 11-50 People

Time: Oct 2021 Nov 2022 (1 Years & 2 Months)

Mid-Level WordPress Developer

Fotofan is an online educational platform that provides educational materials in the fields of law of attraction and psychology, etc. I worked as a mid-level WordPress developer. In addition to website development and SEO, I was also responsible for teachers’ affairs. During this time, the website was developed as a multi-vendor and it reached acceptable income and visits. I trained more than 50 instructors well and also my technical skills were enhanced by the many challenges I faced. Due to the collection manager’s trust in me, I had a good space for ideation and implementation, and this later became useful for the company.

Company: Fotofan

Location: Tehran, Iran

Job Type: Full Time (On Site)

Company Size: 3-10 People

Time: Sep 2019 – Agu 2021 (2 Years)

Junior WordPress developer

Articher is an online educational platform that provides educational materials in the field of home skills(Handicrafts, sewing). I worked as a junior developer. In this course, not only did we have a good organizational growth, but I experienced a good personal growth, i gained many skills, including WordPress specialized skills, problem solving skills and knowledge, negotiation and etc, while working. The initial goal of the Articher website was to develop the website, which we achieved with the great effort of the team. I was responsible for zero to one hundred website development issues.

Company: Articher

Location: Tehran, Iran

Job Type: Full Time (Remote)

Company Size: 1-3 People

Time: Mar 2019 – Agu 2019 (6 Month)

UI Designer – UI Developer

Company: Freelancer

Location: Freelancer

Job Type: Freelancer (Project)

Company Size: 1 People

Time: Sep 2018 – Feb 2019 (6 Month)


Frontend Skills:


React Hooks

React Native




CSS Library

Flex & Grid


Tailwind CSS

Material UI


Responcive Design

User interface (UI)

User Experence (UX)

Unit Testing

WordPress Skills:





Visual Composer

Muffin builder

Muffin builder

Divi Builder

SEO & Yoast Seo

WordPress Security


Structure of Multilingual Sites


Improve site speed


Adobe XD | Advanced

Figma | Advanced

Photoshop | Advanced

Git | Advanced

Clickup | Advanced

Trello | Advanced

Soft Skills:


Problem Solving


Team Work



Critical Thinking



Xald Fakhradini
Xald FakhradiniFounder at Articher
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During the time when we launched the Articher project, I can introduce Farid with definitions such as persistence and self-management, paying attention to doing the right thing in an intelligent and curious way in learning specialized knowledge. And more importantly, motivated and excited to progress. Since he was in charge of the Articher product, I knew that we would not have any bugs, and this is almost one of the biggest concerns of every employer for digital products
Ahmad Esmaili
Ahmad EsmailiColleague at Mealsy
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Has the ability and interest to learn anything. Farid has an international work experience and I experienced working with him in Mealsy company (in canada). During the time we worked together, I witnessed his effort, commitment and honesty at work. Farid is a creative person and thinks outside the box. He has excellent public relations and impresses a person in the first meeting. Working with him means learning and having fun at the same time. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him in the near future.
Abolfazl Bayat
Abolfazl BayatFounder at Fotofan
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At the beginning of the start-up of FotFan, I was concerned about finding a creative, competent and committed programmer until I met Mr. Farid eghbali, who, in my opinion, had all these qualities. When you work with Mr. Farid eghbali, you are dealing with a very good-natured and motivated person who has a high level of technical knowledge and takes the lead in doing things related to the website, which clearly shows that he is responsible. I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. eghbali.

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